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The following terms and conditions define the operational guidelines for the users of Those who do not abide by the below-mentioned terms of usage are requested not to use the site.

The information provided in this statement may be modified with or without prior notice to its users. may change, append, annul, and amend information related to its services provided in its website, linked web pages, or related documents.

Copyright Issues

Unsolicited use of the website content may be treated as a violation of rules and may call for penalty or other kinds of legal action.

The website may use, reproduce, revise, and distribute these information materials without the prior consent of their erstwhile owners. However, these information materials would only mention the names of their erstwhile owners provided they give VirtualEmployee the permission to use their names.

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Limited Liability will not be liable for any form of damage that happen because of the use of its website or any of the services of its site. The company will also not be responsible for any form of damage that occurs because of the use of the linked websites. It will not entertain any claim for damages, including claims based on third-party claims.